Do you struggle finding language for grants or other writing needed to explain your creative work in the world? I can help. My brain works in useful, informed ways on these types of problems. Over the past 15 years I have often exchanged my moving body for a seated one and found employment as an arts journalist for Time Out Chicago Magazine and the Dance Insider, and as an arts administrator for the independent Chicago venue Links Hall and the cultural grantmaker Pew Center for Arts & Heritage in Philadelphia. I’ve learned what kind of communication makes the most sense in what context and what is helpful regarding style, content, and presentation.

I offer consultation on work samples, resumes/CV's, academic theses in the arts, best practices for artist-run spaces; through this I help individuals and nonprofits articulate their core values. I spent time as a small child around people who spoke English as a second or third language, so I am good at helping non-native English speakers articulate their ideas for English-language readers. Scroll down to read some testimonials, and if you would like a quote for my service you'll find a request form at the bottom of this page.

Perfect-Power_by_Sharon-Koelblinger_at_AUX-Performance-Gallery.jpgPhoto by Sharon Koelblinger, 2013.

"Asimina is a potent and engaged practitioner of arts counsel and explication. In working with Asimina, I was well aware I was working with an artist herself, as she has incredible empathy and understanding for the experience necessary to translate experience and ideas into text form. Asimina has a massive understanding of the art world, the artistic process, and the artist as a human, and these three facets are all required when making material that will actually be legible and understandable to the many contexts needed. Asimina has a remarkable ability to listen, to clarify, and then to gracefuly and clearly write and describe. Her writing style is has a simplicity and easeful narrative style, without any reductionism, which is notable and unique. I highly recommend Asimina's services for many and all, and have glowingly passed on her contacts to colleagues and friends." 
— Margit Galanter, movement educator, arts investigator, and dance poet, Oakland CA

"Working with Asimina makes the difficult process of grant writing a creative endeavor that stays in conversation with the artwork itself. My company has received new and increased funding since we began working with her."
-- Rachel Damon, Synapse Arts, Chicago IL 

"As a foreigner who does not speak English as a mother tongue, it is extremely important to write understandable, clear, strong English to push my artistry farther. Many grant writers helped me so far, but especially Asimina did wonderful job in her quick response, affordable rate, and quality writing, which was big support to my application process. Even in the frequent, intense final brush-up, she was happy to work whenever she was available." 
— Kensaku Shinohara, independent dancer/choreographer, NYC

"Asimina facilitates clear articulation of those ideas that may seem elusive or intangible; she understands the artist's mind and process. Her support and thoughtfulness is invaluable in communicating clearly and directly."
—Leah Stein, Choreographer, Philadelphia PA

"Asimina helped me with over a dozen personal essays/statements for top-ranking graduate schools. She was extremely fast to reply with insightful comments, excellent editing, all for a remarkably affordable rate. I highly recommend her as a writing consultant!"
—Marcel Williams Foster, Choreographer and Public Health Graduate Student, Emory University

"Asimina responded to me very quickly and got to me back promptly with her work. Her service was personal and she thoroughly grasped my points and needs in preparing an application for a visiting faculty position at a college. I became confident that readers would understand my ideas much better."
Ayako Kato, choreographer and curator, Chicago IL