September 2017hurricanebanner.jpg

I have been doing a lot of small freeform drawings lately using watercolors and colored pencils. This one above was done during the hurricane processes unfolding in Texas and Florida. 

I usually do freeform coloring as a morning practice, but I've really been getting into it lately. One reason might be that a lot of my fiber art supplies are locked away in my studio, the building of which has been shut down since a fire in late June. Nothing in my space was damaged but I haven't had access to it for weeks. Looks like the building will be reopening soon and I'm looking forward to being reunited with my art supplies and private small dance space. 

Upcoming events:

On September 24 I'll be giving a workshop in Portland ME. Please let your people in the area know! Here is a link to the event on Facebook >

Here in Philly I have been putting together a performance series that will take place at the Aikikai of Philadelphia in October and November 2017: Open Hand Open Space Performance SeriesInfo >

This Fall I will also be teaching 3 classes in free improvisation to the 2017 class of Headlong Performance Institute.

Summer recap:

July included a weeklong stay at the Silo dance dance retreat in Bucks County PA to immerse in Contemplative Dance intensively with a small group of fellow Philadelphia practitioners, something that has been an annual event for several years now. I can't express how subtle and deep this practice is and how grateful I am to Barbara Dilley for having outlined it. There is an interesting 20-minute video on YouTube that one of the retreat participants, Marlon Barrios Solano made in 2013. Click here to watch. 

August saw my second appearance at Frantasia, the annual weekend festival of "Out Music & Arts" in Maine. This is an unassuming event happens in a small town in Maine and is totally grounded in love and acceptance of very experimental practices in sound and performance. I came across a little local article that covered the opening night of this year's festival, here. Frantasia has opened my eyes to a different way of understanding myself and others as artists, how we live our lives, and the immense value of doing what we do outside of the culturally sanctioned or prestige-oriented spaces for creative or experimental practice.

Explication services update:

I have been blessed to work with a few new clients on their grantwriting/explicating recently. I am encouraged, as a citizen and human being, by the creative projects that artists are working on. Many of my clients are using their work in dance, film, and theater to bring new levels of sensitivity and awareness to themselves and audiences regarding difficult issues that place stress on our social fabric locally, nationally, and globally.