Artist Centered Grantwriting
A monthly email course for independent makers with Asimina Chremos Starting February 2019

Artist Centered Grantwriting is an approach to benefiting your creative practice in a real-world context. This course will help you navigate the world of funders such as Creative Capital, MAP Fund, NEFA, NEA, and state arts grants in a way that will enhance your practice (instead of giving you headaches). Articulating your work and making applications on a regular basis is a way that you can refine, articulate, and clarify your visions.

We artists often have a deep and very complete-feeling understanding of what we are creating or desiring to make. The images or feelings that hover luminously inside us can be opened, unpacked, and asked to reveal themselves more fully to ourselves and others through language—by asking these images to tell us what they need to be made real.

A new lesson will be ready each month for the rest of 2019, 11 lessons total, covering topics such as Grading the Grantor (How to assess grants; they're not the only ones who can do some judging!) and Project Descriptions Demystified (How do you describe something that doesn't exist yet?). You can work on applying these lessons on your own time. Answers to your questions and individual guidance is available throughout the month.

Cost for the whole course is $100 ($9/month). Individual lessons are $15 each.

Please use the contact form on this website to sign up or request more information.