I have lived my life as a dancer and artist in the USA. Over the past 15 - 20 years I have often exchanged my moving body for a seated one and placed my dextrous hands on a keyboard for purposes of securing financial stability while contributing to the systems that support the lives and works of artists besides myself. I've worked as a dance writer for Time Out Chicago Magazine, directed scrappy performance nonprofit Links Hall and artist-run space Silverspace/Outerspace, and been program assistant for a major foundation/grantmaker Pew Center for Arts & Heritage - Fellowships Program. I have unique insight into the complex junction where individual artists, foundations, nonprofits, endowments, and culture meet.

My father was born in Greece and he had many friends from around the world. I spent lots of time as a small child around people who spoke English as a second or third language, so I have an intuitive grasp of helping non-native English speakers formulate their ideas for American English-language readers. I currently reside in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA on the ancestral lands of the Lenni Lenape people, whose presence and resilience in Pennsylvania continues to this day; however I work with clients over the internet so I can work with you wherever this virtual portal exists. 

I am also a practicing artist, please visit asiminachremos.space to see evidence of that.

Photo above of me by Sharon Koelblinger, 2013; taken during The Wounded Body in Performance, a series curated by Marissa Perel at Vox Populi Gallery in Philadelphia.